Healthy as a _______

Did you know that all the services Health Insurance Brokers provide are free? They’re commissions are built into the premium, so whether you use a broker, or go direct to the insurance company, the price is the SAME.
Now, after knowing that, do you still feel like you’re getting your money’s worth?

Is your broker giving you all the latest updates and the type of attentive help you need???

Brauer Insurance located in sunny San Jose, California, is insistent on keeping you up to date by researching the different ways to provide inexpensive and effective employee benefits. Using our Broker, Steve Brauer, you can get a free insurance quote for yourself or your small business. Employee Health and Supplemental Insurance is our number one concern.

Brauer Insurance is an Independent Agency, and because of this, we’re able to go through any carrier you want. For example; Pamela Olea , 41, from San Francisco, chose to go with Kaiser’s $30/1,500 plan which was not only great for her, but for her 3 kids as well. On the other hand, Pam’s husband Mike decided he wanted to put himself, and his father, on a separate Blue Shield plan. After choosing their different plans through our California Health Insurance quoting engine, with a few clicks of the mouse, and a few short phone calls to Steve, they were able to get through the application process in a snap.

It’s just that simple, whether you’re looking for Health Insurance quotes in California, Washington, or Oregon…. our Broker is licensed in all three!!

For a free Insurance quote today, just click on the Home header at the top of our website.

Don’t forget to check out our website for new updates daily!!

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