What makes us a great company:

When you’re the owner of a small business and the economy starts dropping, naturally that’s when you need to ask yourself….am I doing everything I possibly can to save money? From holding on to old cell phones, to eating leftovers three nights in a row, people have been trying to find ways to save, and I’ve found a way to help save on not only Employee Health Benefits, but Individual Health Benefits and Supplementary Insurance too.

The only way to start being able to save money is to find the skill and knowledge of the better prices and deals are. We are a family owned and operated Insurance company, which means we know all about the kind of care and attention that our small groups, as well as our Individual Family Plans, need.

With so much knowledge out there we can’t possibly know everything there is, which is why we have friends and co-workers within the different carries. What is a carrier you ask? Just to name a few: Kaiser, Anthem, Health Net, Blue Shield etc. etc.

We work with all of them.

Sure we’re here to make a living, but our first priority is helping others. Now look, I won’t lie to you, the whole reason I took this job and got into this business was to have weekends off to spend with my boyfriend. But after growing partial to all our employees and groups, I’ve loved the time I’ve spent being able to help San Jose finest get the best Health Insurance Quotes possible!

We care enough to go out of our way for you with any needs you might possibly have.

We’re Independent.                     We’re searching to help.                           We’re capable.

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