Employees Soon to Benefit from Cancer Insurance

The National Business Group on Health has been working on a three-year initiative to help employers design health benefits based on the most recent scientific information and expert’s best practices for cancer treatment and prevention. As part of this effort they have partnered with the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, a non-profit alliance of leading cancer centers world-wide, to develop resources for employers covering the every aspect of cancer related benefits and workplace programs. Cancer insurance is quickly emerging into the workplace market. It works like critical illness insurance only more narrow in scope.
One of the resources soon available to employers will be the groups’ “Employer’s Guide to Cancer Treatment and Prevention”. The guide provides evidence-based recommendations for entire spectrum of the cancer-care continuum.
We at Brauer Insurance see these resources and benefits as a step in the right direction in two ways. First, cancer insurance helps bridge the income gap that employees fall into due to treatment cost and disability. Cancer is the second-leading cause of long-term disability and sixth-leading cause of short-term disability. So, there needs to be coverage to supplement lost income.
Second, cancer prevention and treatment education in the workplace is something we have to applaud. According to the American Cancer Society nearly 1.5 million new cancer cases were diagnosed in 2009, while more than 10 million Americans have a history of cancer. One in two people will be diagnosed with some form of cancer during their lifetime says the National Cancer Institute. Prevention is the best way to keep rising medical costs and the disease at bay. Likewise, treatment education helps patients and their doctors make the best decisions based on sound evidence to get the most treatment for their dollar possible.

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