Pre-existing condition coverage for kids and Health Reform in general

Blue Shield of CA has announced that they have set up an Open Enrollment for children to apply and secure guarantee issued health insurance even though they may have health issues that would have precluded them from obtaining coverage.  This period was set up from January 1-February 28th 2011.  This is for CHILD ONLY plans…..the children attached to adults on an application are not affected.

This is part of the Health Reform Act of 2010.  The mandate that allows for ALL people to obtain Health Insurance on a guarantee issue basis is still set for 2014.  Whether you agree with the Health Reform Act or not, this is definitely a good thing, and a long time coming.  The missing piece to getting everyone covered is obvious…..we are still NOT addressing the “cost” of medical care.  All we are doing is what’s called “cost shifting”.  Medicare and Medi-Cal (the State program) reimbursement rates to doctors and hospitals have been lowered, which has driven up the rates on Individual, Family and Business insurance rates.

No one has all the answers, but we as a society need to address  the unsustainable cost increases we have been seeing in this industry for many years….its going to bankrupt our country.

Steve Brauer

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