Group Health Insurance and Individual Health Insurance

Have you been looking to purchase health insurance through a Carrier? Do any of these names sound familiar to you? Kaiser, Anthem, Blue Shield, Cigna, Healthnet, Aetna, or Cal Choice, Colonial, Delta Dental?

Well we are here to help you with that! We can explain and help you decide which Carrier would best suit your needs. We have all your health insurance answers right in our office. Would you like to com by and ask a few? How about just calling!!

Our number is (408) 421-5555

It’s simple to sign up for Health Insurance as well if you already know what you want!

Simply visit our website here: and click on “health insurance quote”

Then you’re off and running with some new coverage that will most definitely safe you and your family some money in the future. We are located in San Jose, California specializing in Employee Group Health Insurance as well as Individual Health Insurance and Employer Life Benefits.

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