What is the first step in getting health insurance?

The first step in getting health insurance is to find a good broker. It is not necessary to get one if you’re signing up for Health insurance, but it’s free and a very smart choice if you do. Like I said it is free to get a broker to help you with all your insurance needs… (they get all their commission from the Carrier) and they’re there to help you at every obstetrical you come to.

Why not choose Brauer Insurance to help you obtain your goal? We’ve been around for over 7 years and have several knowledgeable brokers here to help you. They are trained in quoting you health insurance, obtaining information for supplemental insurance, as well say you have a business we do employee health insurance as well!

What’s keeping you from the phone today? Call us at (408) 421-5555.

We’re here to serve you!!

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