Bonnie: From 2007 to now…

I graduated from San Jose State two years ago this June. Wow, how time flies! I started working in the Insurance industry in 2007, but only got licensed because my father, Steve Brauer, said he’d like me to take over the business if something happened to him. Well here we are, 4 years later, and I’m working in the industry full time. I like it because I get to educate people in the San Jose area about health insurance.

It’s a tricky business. People are very skeptical and scared, really, to jump into an insurance plan. They want to make sure they aren’t going to get the short end of the stick when things get ugly. Here at Brauer Insurance Services, we do a really great job of getting the correct, updated information about the California health plans people are looking for. We do the dirty work of diving into each plan from Kaiser to Health Net, Anthem Blue Cross to Blue Shield; we know them all!

We are here to protect and serve you! Give us a call here if you are interested in lowering your cost or looking into getting insurance for the first time! We are located in San Jose, California on Capitol and Almaden Expressway near the Capitol Auto Mall.

Bonnie Brauer Shelton: (408) 421-5555

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