Bonnie: Individual Dental

Let’s talk about Individual Dental plans.

We serve a lot of the San Jose, California area and have a lot of clients who are looking to obtain dental insurance– especially if their employers do not offer it.   Below are some of the frequently asked questions we get regarding individual dental:

Q: Why do individual dental plans have waiting periods?
A: This is mainly so that people don’t get on the plan for a month, use all the benefit, and then cancel the very next month!

Q: How do I know if my dentist “takes” my dental insurance?
A: OK.  First, never use the word “takes” when referring to insurance.  Instead, let’s use the word “contracted.” Everyone TAKES everything, but not all are CONTRACTED with all insurance.  Especially dental.  It’s very tricky but in California and probably other states, you need to ask your dentist (or medical professional) if they are CONTRACTED with Blue Shield PPO, Blue Shield HMO, Anthem, Aetna, Health Net, Kaiser, etc!

Q: Why would I need dental insurance?  I don’t have any issues.
A: Some people don’t need it.  My grandfather was a dentist in San Jose for many years and he taught us that even though we may not need insurance right now, we are going to get a cavity sooner or later!  An apple a day only keeps the dentist away for so long… 🙂

Q: Should I choose a PPO or an HMO?
A: You should most definitely choose a PPO.  Unless you know a dentist who is qualified and uses appropriate metals for fillings, I would always choose a PPO.  We recommend going with Blue Shield Smile PPO.  Here in San Jose, California they start at roughly $41.40.

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