I can get healthcare for free! I don’t need insurance

Hi….I would like to dispel a rumor that has run rampant for many years.  When I speak to people about San Jose Health Insurance or California Health Insurance, many times they will say to me “I don’t need Health Insurance, I will just go to Valley Medical Center (County Hospital) and get it for free.

What they don’t understand is that when you go to a hospital, or doctor, you may not have to pay RIGHT THEN.  What happens is that they bill you for the services performed, even if it is the County Hospital.  Now, if you don’t have any assets, or your credit is no good to begin with, you’re probably OK.  But most of us are not in that boat.  We have some assets, or some money in the bank, etc.  The Hospital will suddenly become a bill collector…..they will haunt you and wreck your credit if you don’t pay them.

You can always negotiate the bill…..but it would have been MUCH easier to have some inexpensive Health Benefits, or Personal Health Insurance.  If you are in your 20’s or 30’s, the monthly premium is VERY inexpensive….roughly $75-$150 or so.  Group Employee Benefits can be even more inexpensive.  We can provide you with a San Jose Health Insurance quote free and not pester you afterwards.  Health Insurance does NOT have to be expensive…

We are a NO FEE, Family Owned, INDEPENDENT agency focused on Employee Benefits and Health Insurance.  Go to www.brauerinsurance.com or email me at Steve@brauerinsurance.com and I will send you a quote!!

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