Bonnie: An Idea for Kaiser

I have a great idea for Kaiser:  Drive-Thru Pharmacies.

Really? Why have they not done this yet?  The San Jose Kaiser and Santa Clara Kaiser would benefit immensely from having one.

At work (Brauer Insurance Services) we sell a ton of Kaiser plans.  A lot of our Small Groups and Individuals choose to go with health plans that Kaiser offers.  I know that the majority of people who live in Silicon Valley barely have time to tie their own shoes let alone fight for a parking spot, get the kids in their strollers, and stand in a long line.

We also sell a lot of PPO plans from Blue Shield, Anthem Blue Cross, and Health Net plans, both individual and small group.  Our clients love being able to choose their own doctors and specialists.  Guess what they also have?  The option to go to a drive-thru pharmacy.   I’m jealous.

So Kaiser, please build drive-thru pharmacies in your newer facilities– your patients would love them!

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