Cobra can bite you!!

Lets say your an employer with 15 full time employees, and 10 part time employees.  Most employers think they fall within the “Cal-Cobra” guidelines and that insurance companies handle the COBRA.  That mistake could cost California Employers many thousands of dollars.  Why….because they fall under FEDERAL COBRA, which means the fiduciary responsibility of the administration of COBRA is the employer’s responsibility.  Once you have 20 or more employees (the combination of full and part time), you now have to comply with the Federal laws related to COBRA.

When you “contract” with a TPA (third party administrator) to administer your COBRA, you relieve yourself of the fiduciary liability.  This is kind of a “no-brainer” when you discover the penalties and fees associated when you do not follow the COBRA laws to the “letter”.  COBRA is the OSHA of health insurance!

At Brauer Insurance LLC, ALL of our groups over 20 have COBRA administration that WE pay for.  It’s one of the many services that we provide at NO COST to you.  We believe in giving back to our clients, not just collecting a commission each month.  If you have over 20 full and part time employees, do yourself a favor and make sure that a third party is administering your COBRA…..don’t leave it up to the insurance company, or THINK that your agent is handling it…chances are, they are NOT, or they’re not qualified to do it.

Call me and I can explain this, and many other services that we provide….at no charge!!

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