COBRA Insights

Four misconceptions about COBRA:

1. Cobra Responsibility is assumed that the broker will take care of their COBRA. THIS IS NOT TRUE. It is up to the employee to take responsibility and talk to a COBRA administrator. Here at Brauer Insurance we have a great team helping us with our groups COBRA needs.

2. Cobra Invoice Oversights. The employers are responsible for everyone on their carrier bills. As your broker we go above and beyond by offering to make it easiest for you to term your employees through the carrier and through our COBRA administration.

3. COBRA is sometimes over looked when an employee is termed. The employers job is to stay diligently on any change of carrier or administrator. We as a broker are here to remind you to review and reconcile bills anytime there is a change.

4. COBRA Misconceptions- The new Health Care Reform does not get rid of COBRA. The reform does not get rid of or even change the rules. When it comes to COBRA and our clients we try not to leave anything for chance.

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