Emergency Room visits will increase with the reform (doctors say)

According to a new survey many doctors are saying that there is a rise in ER patients. This has a lot to do with not only individual benefits but with your group insurance as well. Today we read an except about why many doctors think that because of this health insurance reform there will be an increase of people going to the Emergency room for care. According to the survey taken by American College of Emergency Physicians, 97 percent of ER physicians reported treating patients on a daily basis who were referred to them by primary care doctors. These same doctors said that most of their patients were from Medicaid which is a federal/state health insurance plan for the low-income. What this article was saying is that if the new insurance health care reform allows coverage to reimburse doctors at Medicaid rates this could increase a lack of access to health care. In the study done at Kaiser Hospital more than 80% of ER doctors have said that they’ve seen an increase in visits each month. “Visits to ER’s reached an all-time high of nearly 124 million in 2008, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and are expected to rise nationwide” –taken from www.benefitnewswire.com.

Many of these doctors see the good that the insurance health care reform is trying to do, but a lot of them are wary that the reform won’t tackle any of the ER problems happening nationally. In reality the thought of the Health care reform is a good one, but who is going to enforce these Medicaid patients to pay for their health care, or will we see our taxes rise to make up for the money not being paid?

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