Employee News for the Reform

Employers must take action with the help of their broker if they are to manage their health costs and offer affordable care.

To make it so the longer term impact of the reform is lessened employers are redesigning health benefit programs to make consumers more protected, provide incentives for employee check up doctor visits, and emphasize use of the providers.

Among these changes are; Dependent coverage subsides, retiree medical coverage, incentives for high-value providers, and accountability for a medical agreement.

Many employers are turning to Account-based health plans (ABHP’s) because they cost $730 less than HMOs for employee only coverage and $2,118 less for family coverage.

To make a long story short. There are many ways to be saving money with the new reform coming in 2012. Employers: make sure you have a good broker for you to talk to and get information from. We as brokers are here to help the Employer as well as Employees of our groups.

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