Health Insurance does NOT have to be expensive

When you are searching for San Jose Health Insurance on the web, there are SO many choices, its enough to make you dizzy.  Individual and Family Health Insurance does NOT have to be expensive.  A person in their 20’s can get a comprehensive plan for under $100 a month.

With San Jose Health Insurance, and Santa Clara Health Insurance, there are typically two types of plans available, the first type of plan is set up where you have to basically pay out all expenses up to the deductible BEFORE you receive benefit (at the negotiated rate of course)  The Blue Shield 3500, Aetna 3500, or the HealthNet 4500 and 5200 are examples of that.

The second group of plans have SOME benefit before you reach the deductible, with office visits at a small copay, prescriptions are a copay (after a $500 prescription deductible first).  These plans would include Blue Shield’s Vital Shield plans, Anthem’s Smart Sense plans, etc.

It’s basically set up like auto insurance, the higher deductible you’re comfortable with, the lower the monthly price.  In my opinion, for affordable Health Insurance, you cant go wrong with either of the Anthem plans, Blue Shield, or HealthNet plans mentioned.  Gone are the days where someone would have Health Insurance and not pay anything, or a very low price for services.

With Individual Health Insurance, and Family Health Insurance, there is the issue of Underwriting….meaning you can be declined for any pre-existing condition, or for any issue that the insurance company feels is too great of a “risk”.  Typically the prices of Personal or Family Health Insurance are a little cheaper than the plans offered by employers for that reason; they dont take sick people.  That will change in the next few years, but for now, that’s the world we live in.

If you are looking for a Health Insurance Quote in San Jose or in California, you can come to our website and enter your information for a no cost quote.  But better yet, if you email your age and zip code, I can send you a personalized quote and include the most comprehensive and inexpensive plans.  There are hundreds of plans….but only about 15 or so that people really want, the others are just not priced right, or have holes in the coverage.

At Brauer Insurance Services, we ONLY do Employee Benefits and Health Insurance.  We specialize in Kaiser Health Insurance, Anthem Health Insurance, and Blue Shield Health Insurance.  We are an INDEPENDENT  no fee agency.  Our services are free!!

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