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As most of you know, some health insurance plans can look like a good deal, with a relatively low deductible and office visits for $30 or $40.  When you look at these plans, pay attention to what they call the OUT OF POCKET expenses.  That is the most money you will spend out of your OWN pocket in a calendar year.  Many plans have a low deductible but the OOP (Out of Pocket) costs can be staggering.  Some companies have even been sneaky and when they show their OOP, it does NOT include what you’ve spent in deductible money (with most plans, they include the deductible).

When you search on Google for Health Insurance San Jose, Health Insurance Santa Clara, etc. pay attention to the details, they can make all the difference in the world.  Having an agent is another smart way of navigating the waters of health insurance land.  Employee Benefit Brokers and Health Agents are compensated from money within the cost of the medical plan.  You, as the consumer, pay the same whether you use a broker or “go direct” to the insurance company.  It’s important to have an INDEPENDENT broker, and not one that is tied to, or works for, an insurance company.

At Brauer Insurance, we are ALL Independent Brokers.  We work for the consumer….to try and find them the best deal within the plans that are offered.  When you are looking for a Health Insurance quote California, or Health Insurance quote San Jose, there are literally hundreds of choices from the different insurance companies.  Realistically there are only about maybe 15 plans that are the most popular and make the most sense for people.

San Jose Employee Benefits is another story.  These Group Medical plans are tailored to the individual business based on their budget, employee makeup, and what the company wants to accomplish with their Group Employee Benefits.  This is when a Benefits Consultant can either shine or look really incompetent.  The Group Benefits Brokers that simply offer plans each year, and commiserate with the CFO or HR person about the rising prices, is doing a HUGE disservice to their client.

At Brauer Insurance Services LLC, we have a proven “strategy” that many companies successfully use to mitigate the rising cost of Group Health Benefits.  The strategy is actually fairly simple and without any additional work from the group itself.  Groups like Valley Concrete, Orion Security, Rayne Plumbing, LeGrande Affaire Limo, and many others are reaping the benefits monthly from the utilization of the Brauer Insurance strategy.

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