Bonnie: $16.50 a Week

$16.50 a week.  That’s the price of a high-deductible Health Net plan for a 20-something person living in San Jose, California.

$2.36 a day.  That’s less than the price of the tall Frappuccino you’re buying from Starbucks everyday.  For less than $3 a day, you could be saving yourself from years of medical debt.

I’m 26 years-old.  I would say that a good portion individuals my age are not insured.  Once you turn 26, you are no longer able to be a part of your parents plan.  That’s not just California, but across the United States.  A lot of the individuals who are uninsured don’t care because of a few reasons.  1) It’s too expensive.  2) They think nothing will happen to them.  3) They think that if something DOES happen, it will be free.

I want to address each of these common problems.

1) It’s too expensive.
Yes and no.  If you allow us at Brauer Insurance to run you a health insurance quote for California, you can see a ton of different options when it comes to pricing.  There are plans as low as $66 and as high as $613 a month for ages 18-29.  Earlier I broke down the $66/mo. plan.  Also, if you just came off of a parent’s plan, have you ever thought of asking them to maybe split the bill?  I would bet a lot of parents would be willing to help their children out if they were willing to meet them half way.

2) Nothing is going to happen to me.
Maybe not.  I hope not.  Too bad we can’t plan for accidents though.  But one thing is for sure, there are a lot of people in San Jose.  And the more people, the more accidents that can occur.  You could be out walking across the street and be hit by a car, or you could injure yourself playing a physical sport.  No matter what the accident, you can’t say for sure that “nothing will happen to me.”

3) If something happens to me, I will get free care.
I’m not sure when this misconception started, that people just walk into clinics and receive free care, but it’s pretty scary.  Who do you think pays for all of the doctors who are treating you?  When you go to a hospital, you are treated and then billed.  If you don’t have the money to pay for it, you are sent to collections.  It’s on your record for a long time.

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