Bonnie: Happy 4th of July Weekend!

I love the Fourth of July.  In the middle of summer, BBQing good food, and hanging out with good company.  We know that some people tend to get a little crazy around the holiday times, especially the 18-29 age range.  Do you have individual health insurance if something big kicks off?

Here are a few July 4th statistics according to
87% of Americans have an outdoor grill.
You mess with fire, you’re gonna get burned.  Do you have an individual health plan that will help lower the cost of an emergency room visit?  If it’s something serious, you could be looking at thousands of dollars for one visit if you don’t have coverage.  You can get an individual plan with Brauer Insurance Services for a mere $60/mo.

Total amount spent on fireworks in 2007: 900 million dollars.
Imagine if everyone took the money they were spending on things like fireworks and decided to spend it on healthcare.  You can get an individual health plan through Blue Shield or Health Net for only $15 a week.  Now that’s something worth celebrating.  Maybe we should get some fireworks…

41 Million Americans will spend the 4th at a friend’s house.
Anytime you get large amounts of people together, there are accidents.  Someone’s not familiar with the layout of a friend’s house and they take a trip down the pavement.  Someone whacks their head against the side of the diving board after trying to impress the crowd.  Slicing avocados or tomatoes for sides results in a little more red sauce then you wanted.   These things happen and they make for great stories NEXT fourth, but are you prepared for the accidents?  Even if it’s not an emergency visit, a trip to a doctor’s office can cost anywhere from $75-180.  That’s almost 3 months premium for a plan where you can go to an office visit for $40.

There are affordable plans out there– we know where you have to look.  Give us a call, we will be answering our messages over the holiday weekend: 408-421-5555.  We are a local business in San Jose, California and we want to help.  We can get you a quote in less than 5 minutes.  California health insurance is affordable; we know where to look.

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