Bonnie: Medical All the Way.

There are a lot of aspects to health insurance.  Here in San Jose, California we have a lot of brokers who try to do a lot of different lines of insurance.  We decided to stick with just one: Health.

We partner with people who specialize in life insurance, commercial insurance, and home/auto insurance, but our bread and butter is helping the citizens of San Jose navigate through their health insurance.  We help out on the group side of medical, or on the individual & family side.

Many people think that insurance is unaffordable or unattainable.  For some, both are true, but for a lot of individuals out there, health insurance is both attainable AND affordable.  Let us help you navigate the health insurance field.  We are located in San Jose, California and are only a few minutes drive from downtown San Jose.  We are in the office five days a week, and check our e-mails every day– even holidays.  We know it’s important for our clients to have access to us at all times– even it if just means reassuring them that on the next work day, we’ll get the job done.

I actually had a client call up today from a group we have down in Los Angeles.  I answered the phone and knew exactly who he was.  He was shocked and impressed that I had remembered his name from this 50+ person group.  He needed dental cards to be re-sent to his new home and I had it done in a matter of minutes.  It’s little things like that that really make the difference.

Brauer Insurance is here and we love to assist in any way we can.  Whether your a small or large group employer, or an individual looking to get some cheap health insurance, we are the agency for you.  Give us a call: (408) 421-5555.

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