Health Insurance for “Families” with a child or children

Health Insurance can be VERY confusing….here’s a little known fact: If you have “FAMILY” coverage, meaning husband-wife and a child, its the same price for the coverage if you have 1 child or 15 kids.  When you are charged the FAMILY price, the number of children doesn’t matter.

San Jose Health Insurance, Individual Insurance, or Employee Health Insurance is the same way, 1 child or several, same price.  There is never an extra charge for the more children you have.  Remember, the Health Reform Act allows people to keep their kids on their Health Insurance until age 26, no matter what.  They don’t have to be a student, or living with you, they can even be married!

Children under the age of 18 CANNOT be denied health insurance anymore either.  The insurance companies have what they call “tiered” rating with children.  If a child is enrolling in San Jose Health Insurance, Campbell Health Insurance, or from any city, the insurance company looks at if the child has coverage currently,  had previous coverage, or any pre-existing conditions.  If the child has “conditions”, they can bump them up to a higher tier rating, but NOT decline them, like adults.

Kaiser Health Insurance is really great when it comes to insuring kids.  They have policies that are very reasonable and affordable.  Blue Shield is very competitive as well, with policies for well under $100 a month for children.  When you are looking for Health Insurance San Jose, or Health Insurance Santa Clara, go to our website….we can help you navigate through the very confusing Health Insurance waters!

We are a family owned and operated business.  Our services are always FREE and there are never any fees.  If you are looking for Group Employee Benefits, or Individual or Family Insurance, we can help.  We are INDEPENDENT agents that don NOT work for an insurance company.  That’s why we can shop the best coverage for you and your budget.  We are located in San Jose off Almaden Expressway at Capitol Expressway next to CAR ROW.

For our business clients, our free services include:  Cobra Administration, on-line benefits access, EAP program (Employee Assistance).  Some of our satisfied clients are:  State Farm, Hydrex Pest Control, Orion Security, Rayne Plumbing, Valley Concrete, LeGrande Affaire Limo and hundreds more!

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