Health Insurance for Individuals and Families

Part of the Health Reform Act allows for Individuals and Families to get Health Insurance guaranteed……..but not until 2014.  For children, the “guarantee issue” for Heath Insurance started this year.  If you are looking for San Jose health insurance for yourself or family, you still have to “qualify”, meaning you have to be a “good risk”.  We constantly have to fight with insurance companies to get our clients insured that have seemingly minor conditions or “issues”.  I even had one family that were all very healthy, but because one of the children had taken ACCUTANE for acne, years ago, they declined him.  We able to fight and get them insured, but only after several hours on the phone, pulling strings, filing a grievance and getting the family’s physician to write an explanation.  Ultimately we prevailed….but in many cases, people are just flatly declined.  This is absolutely wrong.

Health Insurance should be available to everyone, no matter what condition you have.  EVERY week, someone comes in to our office and wants to obtain coverage, but because of some issue, I can’t help them.  These people want the coverage, and are ready to pay more than a healthy person, knowing that would be fair.  There are Major Risk plans on the market, but many times, the wait for these plans are several months, the premiums are really high, and the coverage always involves a very high deductible.

Brauer Insurance Services LLC can help you navigate through the ever changing Health Insurance waters, and fight for you as your advocate.  We know who to call and how to “work” the system, so to speak, for your benefit.  As a retired Police Sergeant for many years, I’ve learned that there is very little that is black and white……most things are pretty gray.

The San Jose Health Insurance plans in particular, can vary from price to the level of coverage available.  Typically there are only about 15 plans out of the hundreds offered that are popular and make sense to most people.  For someone in their 20’s, the price can be as low as $65 up to about $150 for good coverage.  Kaiser Health Insurance will be a bit more expensive, mostly because with Kaiser Permanente, they have a “one-stop” shop, and their plans are very comprehensive.

For San Jose Health Insurance, or Kaiser Health Insurance, or Health Insurance Quote California, call Brauer Insurance Services LLC, (877) 421-4325 or (408) 421-5555.  Our motto is “To Protect and To Serve”…….that’s how we do business!

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