Health Insurance on the web

Health Insurance on the web can be VERY confusing.  There are literally hundreds of plans out there, and some are VERY misleading.  Well, I hate to tell you, but they do that intentionally.  Things to look out for when you are searching for San Jose Health Insurance, or Milpitas Health Insurance, or Sunnyvale Health Insurance, is to look at the OOP (out of pocket maximums).  THAT is the key to what your risk actually is, for the year.  But once again, you have to look at the fine print….some insurance companies will put a dollar amount of what your OOP is for the year, and then in the fine print it will say “does not include deductible”.  When you see this on Health Insurance plans, you have to ADD the deductible WITH the OOP to get the true figure.

This is one of the reasons to have a competent INDEPENDENT broker working for you.  If you use Brauer Insurance Services, you will NOT pay a commission, the commission is “built” into the premium, which means, if you go “direct”, you will pay the same price as using an agent.  When you hire Brauer Insurance Services as your agent, you’re getting an INDEPENDENT agent with years of experience going to bat for you.  We look at Health Insurance as a “NECESSARY EVIL“, meaning insurance is expensive….and you’re kinda pissed when you get it, but you have to have insurance if you have any tangible assets.  The risk is just too high!  But you can be OVER insured as well.  That’s where we can help you……check out our testimonials from satisfied clients, both business and families, that have benefited from our experience.  Like I said, our services are FREE.

At Brauer Insurance Services, we have a unique background.  I am a retired Police Sergeant from Santa Clara, my daughter Bonnie is one of our account managers, and has a BA from San Jose State in Music.  We all have been born and raised in San Jose.  San Jose Health Insurance is our specialty, our focus is Employee Benefits for businesses and Individual and Family plans for Health Insurance plans.  You can see our testimonials and check out our website at  California Employer Benefits, Employee Health Insurance, Group Employee Benefits, we do it all!

Steve Brauer, President-CEO, Brauer Insurance Services LLC

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