Husband and Wife businesses=Guarantee Issue Health Insurance

When you speak about Group Insurance, you are talking about an “employer sponsored” plan.  What many people don’t know is that a “GROUP” can consist of a Husband and Wife, home based business.  THEY can get Guarantee Issue Health Insurance.  We get calls constantly from people that have home based businesses and are at their wits end…..they typically have pre-existing conditions and cannot qualify for Individual Health Insurance, or Family Health Insurance.

What they don’t realize is that 2 people constitute a “group”, in the eyes of the Health Insurance world.  Even if 1 person has coverage through another employer, I can even obtain coverage for the OTHER person…..basically making it a ONE person group.  The nice thing about Employee Benefits or Group Insurance, is that the benefits are typically much “richer” than Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance.  The rates are usually based on the zip code of the person’s work or home.

Kaiser Health Insurance is very easy to obtain if you have a home based business.  Kaiser Group Insurance is very comprehensive and has 17 plans to pick from.  California Employee Health Insurance does NOT have to be expensive.  There are many insurance policies out there that are about $150 a month or less, for someone in their 20’s.  There is even one that I recently found with See Change Health that is right about $100 a month or a 20-something.  With Group Insurance or Employee Benefits, the employer’s minimum contribution is only HALF of the single employee’s premium, in this case about $50 a month.

Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance is also very affordable.  The single employee cost for a very “rich” plan with Dental Insurance and Vision Insurance is about $50 a month….this is NOT a “discount” plan, but a full blown insurance policy with $1500 in dental benefit each year.

At Brauer Insurance Services, we are an INDEPENDENT, no fee, brokerage.  This means we are NOT tied to an insurance company, but work for our clients, to shop for the best deal for them.  We specialize in Health Insurance and Employee Benefits for small and medium sized companies.  We are located in San Jose on Almaden Expwy at Capitol Expwy near “car row”.

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