Individual or Personal Insurance

Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance can be very tricky.  Our insurance process and industry is very dysfunctional.  No one can exactly come up with the answer as to how to fix it.  Single payer, or Socialized medicine???  Sure….if you like the way DMV, Social Security and the Post Office is run, knock yourself out!!

For the most of us, Health Insurance is a “necessary evil.”  If you have any assets, you HAVE to have insurance in some form.  If you don’t, you are risking it all.  People think they will just go to the County Hospital and get “free” medical treatment.  This is a MYTH.  If you end up, or go to, a County Facility you’ll get treated, no doubt about it, and you may not even have to put up any money.  But a few weeks later you will get a bill in the mail, with your Social Security number attached.  If you don’t pay, they will haunt you until the day you die.  This will, in most cases, ruin your credit, and will become a real problem for you.  Trust me, rolling into the County Hospital for free care, will NOT happen.

Now, having said that, Individual or Personal Insurance is NOT that expensive.  Again, if you have assets or credit you want to protect, spend a few bucks for insurance.  If you are in your 20’s, at Brauer Insurance, we can get you a plan for less than $100 a month.  You’ll still have to pay out SOME money when you go to the doctor, but this will relieve you of the “liability” of the major stuff that could happen.  A single day in the hospital is a few THOUSAND dollars….at the minimum.

With Individual and Family Health Insurance, you have to be able to get through the underwriting process.  This means if you have pre-existing conditions, you may be declined for coverage.  NOW there is a program that will cover you when you get declined from an insurance company.  At Brauer Insurance, we work hard for our clients and help them through the process, even if it means being declined and helping them through the Pre-Existing conditions plan.

At Brauer Insurance. we know the industry.  When  you go direct, or use us, the price is the same…..we are a NO FEE, INDEPENDENT agency.  Individual Health Insurance is what we do.  We also do Family Health Insurance and Group Insurance, but Health Insurance is our focus.

Steve Brauer, President, Brauer Insurance Services LLC.  (408) 421-5555  3150 Almaden Expwy, Suite 203, San Jose, CA 95118

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