Kaiser Health Insurance-Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance

If you are looking for inexpensive and comprehensive Health Insurance, you probably want to check out Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance or Kaiser Health Insurance.  Both companies have VERY expensive plans….but they ALSO have Personal, Individual and Family Health Insurance plans that are very affordable.  At Brauer Insurance, we are INDEPENDENT brokers, which means that our agency has NO FEES….our services are totally free.  Brauer Insurance specializes in Health Insurance and Group Health Insurance for businesses.

The story I like to tell is this….when my uncle’s doctor, a General Practitioner, found out that he had a heart problem, he sent him to a “specialist”.  That is basically the same analogy that I use to describe insurance agents.  If your agent does all kinds of insurance…they are NOT a specialist, they can’t be, there is just too much information and nuances associated with EACH type of insurance.  To be the “jack of all trades” in the insurance industry, you never become an expert at anything.

Health Insurance, especially Group Health Insurance, is a “niche” market.  When I started my Insurance Agency 9 years ago, I knew I wanted to focus on ONE thing.  I figured that I would rather do one thing REALLY GOOD, instead of doing many things just so-so.  I have built a wildly successful insurance agency on that premise!

At Brauer Insurance, we KNOW Anthem Blue Cross Health Insurance and Kaiser Health Insurance.  They are pretty much the leading insurance companies for California Health Insurance quotes.  Kaiser Health Insurance has 17 plans on the Group Health Insurance side and 12 plans on the Individual Health Insurance and Family Health Insurance side.  Blue Cross has even MORE plans available for Individual and Family Health Insurance and a ton of plans for Group Health Insurance.

At Brauer Insurance, we have a proven strategy when it comes to helping small and medium sized companies with their Employee Benefits.  It simple terms, it involves “insuring the deductible” with a high deductible plan.  The deductible doesn’t have to be extremely high, maybe $2000 or $3000.  Many businesses that use our strategy have been WILDLY successful and save thousands a month WITHOUT compromising their Employee Benefits.  Call me and I will explain the simple concept.

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