What is Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance?

Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance……how is this different than the Health Insurance someone would get from their employer??  Well, it’s actually much simpler than most people think.  Group Health Insurance is something that you are able to sign up for as a “benefit” of being an employee of that company.  The company, by law,  has to contribute an amount of money towards your premium.  The amount could be as little as $75, but is usually 50% of the Employee ONLY amount, not including your spouse or family.  And that’s 50% of the cheapest rate (under 30 year old), of the cheapest plan offered.  For employers, plans can be very inexpensive…..anywhere from $150 – $250 an employee per month.

With Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance, you have to qualify for the coverage.  This means that if you have pre-existing conditions, they can DECLINE you for coverage.  With Group Health Insurance or Business Health Insurance, they CANNOT decline you, even if you have medical conditions.  The plans available on the Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance are typically different than the plans that you would be able to get with the Group Health Insurance.  They are also a little less expensive than the Group Health Insurance plans…why?  Because the insurance companies DONT have to take you, they “cherry pick” who they want, meaning they don’t take sick people.

The Group Health Plans are usually “richer” than the Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance, meaning the benefits are better.  An example of that would be the prescription coverage.  With Individual Health Plans or Family Health Plans, the prescription drug coverage involves a deductible BEFORE you can receive a benefit.  With the Group Health Plans, many plans have strictly copays with prescriptions, $10 or $30…without a deductible.

At Brauer Insurance Services, we can help you with Group Health Insurance plans, Individual Health Insurance, Family Health Insurance, Personal Health Insurance or any type of Employee Benefits you offer for your company.  We are experts in strategizing comprehensive and affordable Health Insurance for your business.  “To Protect and To Serve” is not just our tagline….it’s how we do business!!

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