Bonnie: Individual and Family Health Plans

There are many affordable individual and family health plans available to people living all over California.  At Brauer Insurance Services we quote at least one or two individuals a day through our individual and family quoting system.  The rates are very low, especially for younger individuals looking to get major medical coverage or high deductible plans.

In San Jose alone, there are thousands of individuals who go without health insurance.  Many of them are college-aged students who think they are invincible.  Little do they know that a health insurance plan for them could cost as little as $55 a month.  When I attended San Jose State University, many of my colleagues went without health insurance and did not seem to care.  It’s when you get hurt that you wish you had it.

I don’t go to the doctor a lot.  I’m not prescribed any medication, however, when I get a sinus infection, I am very glad that I have good health coverage and can go to Kaiser Permanente for some antibiotics.  If I had tried to go anywhere else without insurance, it would have cost me over $100+ instead of the $10 it cost me for the Rx.

Not everyone can get individual or family health insurance.  We know that’s true.  However, if you have your own small business or even a husband/wife home business, you can get guaranteed issue group health insurance.  It is not widely known, but it is definitely possible!  We have many husband/wife groups with maybe one other employee who have affordable health coverage.  When you cannot qualify for an individual plan, please know you have other options.

Give us a call for a free quote and free help!  Having a broker does not cost anything to you as our payments are already built into EVERY health plan — whether or not you have a broker, you are paying for one.  Find us in the Bay Area at:
Bonnie Shelton
3150 Almaden Expressway Suite 203
San Jose, CA 95118

(408) 421-5555

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