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Brauer Insurance Services LLC serves clients in all of the cities in the Bay Area and even in the Los Angeles area.  We are an Independent NO FEE agency.  This means that we offer only the best Individual Health plans and Family Health plans that are on the market.  Because we are Independent, you pay the SAME as you would if you went “direct” to the insurance company.  The difference??, We are experts in Health Insurance and would be your advocate for the best plan and price.  When you have an issue (and everyone does from time to time), you won’t have to call an 800 number….WE handle all the problems for you.  That’s what an Independent broker does for their clients.

There are almost 100 Health Insurance plans out there on the market.  You could go to eHealthinsurance and try and choose for yourself, or call them and get the “high pressure” pitch, since they get paid by how many policies they push onto people.  We have a “state of the art” quoting engine, and a phone number to call if you want some expert advice.  Being a former Police Officer, I’m well aware of the stereotypical “sleazy sales guy”……..I hate them too, with their white shoes and slick hair!!

Brauer Insurance is a family owned, Employee Benefits Agency that I founded in 2003 focusing on saving people and businesses serious money on their Health Insurance.  Like I said, there are about 100 plans out there, but seriously only about 10 or so that people choose…based on price and how comprehensive they are.  Let either myself or one of my daughters help you pick a plan that fits your needs.  We’re talking about plans that cost anywhere from $55-$250 depending on your age, per month.

We serve Los Gatos Health Insurance clients, Campbell Health Insurance clients, Santa Clara Health Insurance clients, Milpitas Health Insurance clients, San Jose Health Insurance clients.  Call us, or go online to

Steve Brauer…..(408) 421-5555….Brauer Insurance Services LLC…..3150 Almaden Expwy, suite 203, San Jose, CA 95118

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