Individual Health Insurance-San Jose, Santa Clara

If someone is looking for Individual or Family Health Insurance, they need to remember a couple of things.  The first thing is that you can still be denied Health Insurance, until 2014.  This does not apply to the Business Health Insurance or Group Insurance, which is all guarantee issue.

If you have been to the Chiropractor in the last year, there’s a good chance they will deny you.  Why?, because the insurance companies believe that if you are going to a chiropractor, you must be in pain, therefore you will need medical treatment……and they DON’T WANT TO PAY.  Insurance companies are NOT your friend.  That is why many people look for an Independent Broker to handle their insurance.  Independent agents or brokers are not tied to an insurance company.  They work for the consumer, trying to get them the best deal, and steering them through the confusing Health Insurance waters.

I’m a retired Police Sergeant from the Bay Area, and started my Independent Insurance Agency back in 2003.  We specialize in Health Insurance for Families and Small Businesses.  Being an Independent broker, allows me to shop for the best deals and work hard for my clients.  Our services, and what we do for you is FREE.  The cost of the Independent Health Insurance, Family Health Insurance and Business or Group Health Insurance is the same whether you use a broker or go “direct” to the insurance company.  The commission is built into the premium….you pay the same.

At Brauer Insurance, we are specialize in Health Insurance.  I use the analogy like this; when my uncle had an issue with his heart, his General Practitioner sent him to a “specialist”.  He was sent to a cardiologist because they SPECIALIZE.  Same idea here.  If your agent does a bunch of different insurances, you may be getting a General Practitioner….not a specialist.

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