San Jose Health Insurance

If you are an Individual looking for quality San Jose Health Insurance, you can find plans with one of the top carriers, Anthem Blue Cross, HealthNet, Blue Shield for as low as $52 a month.  If you go to, and put in your age and zip code, it will show you all the plans available in your area and the costs.  The $52-$75 range, if you are in your 20’s is totally doable.  I’ve even had my daughter on one of those plans when she was in college at San Jose State.  Office visits are very low, and the prescriptions are inexpensive as well.

If you use a broker or go “direct” to the insurance company on the internet, its the SAME PRICE.  All the plans have published rates that are fixed.  The benefit to using a broker when you purchase Health Insurance, is that when you have an issue, a claim, or what-not, your broker will intervene (or they are supposed to….some wont), on your behalf and fight for you.  An INDEPENDENT Agency, like Brauer Insurance has an added benefit, in that we are a NO FEE agency and work for the consumer….not the insurance company.

If you have shopped California Health Insurance quotes, or Health Insurance quote California, you were probably bombarded with all kinds of plans, prices, etc…’s REALLY confusing, who do you trust, what’s the best plan for your needs, etc.  I’m a retired Police Sergeant from Santa Clara, and when I started our Health Insurance Agency in 2003, I decided to ONLY do Health Insurance and Employee Benefits.  I had the chance to do many types of insurance, but I wanted to be an expert in the area of Health Insurance and the Health Reform.  Since then my daughters and I (they’re agents too) have been wildly successful and our agency is thriving.  If you want honest talk about a VERY dysfunctional Health Insurance industry, call us!

Steve Brauer…….Brauer Insurance Services LLC.  (408) 421-5555.  3150 Almaden Expwy, Suite 203, San Jose, CA 95118

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