Bonnie: 18-29 year-old San Jose Health Insurance Cost = DirecTV Cost

If you live in San Jose, CA and you’re in your 20’s, the cost for health insurance for you is most likely LESS than what you’re paying on your DirecTV bill.  If you don’t have DirecTV, then it’s most likely less than what your Comcast or Xfinity bill is!

Most “kids” (ages 18-29) don’t have any health insurance because they think they are invincible.  That’s the problem: you’re not.  Something outside of your control could happen to you at any moment and you could be saddled with thousands of dollars in medical bills if you’re not careful.  Our goal at Brauer Insurance is to make sure that we insure people who are college and young-adult aged.  We hope that after getting a free quote from us that they rethink the reality of health insurance and what it could mean for them in their futures.

So many times we put off important things like health insurance because we don’t want to face what could possibly happen to us.  The best thing for you to do is to get insured and get insured well!  We send out quotes to individuals and families daily and help them sift through the good plans vs the bad plans.  We mainly recommend (at this point) Blue Shield and Health Net plans for everyone!  They are great plans with a low, low premium each month. Just yesterday I quoted a 28 year-old for $43 a month for a plan where she’d only have to come out-of-pocket $4500 in a year.  That could save her from huge bills someday!

Whether you live in San Jose, CA or New York, New York, you got to get health insurance.  It’s the motto of: Prepare for the Worst, but Hope for the Best!  It’s definitely the slogan we stand by.  Give us a call, send us and e-mail or click the link below to get a FREE health insurance quote for your area.  We won’t flood your inbox with e-mails and we won’t badger you to pick a plan.  We know that you’ll do it on your own time.  Let us know if we can be any help.  Having a health insurance broker is TOTALLY FREE and can only be beneficial to you in your finding of a good health insurance plan.

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