Bonnie: Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plan

When you live in San Jose, California you can get a Pre-Existing Conditions Insurance Plan (PCIP) for a very reasonable price.  There are a few qualifications, as not anyone can just apply and be approved.

One of those qualifications is that you have to live in the United States as a permanent resident and have a valid social security number.  I would say a lot of the people we know in San Jose are usually okay with that point.

Another qualification is that you have to be denied coverage from a carrier (Kaiser, Anthem, Blue Shield, Health Net, etc) in the last 6 months.  If you tried to get an insurance plan and you were denied, keep the letter of “rejection” and you are one step closer to a PCIP.

On 9/14/2011 I ran a quote for a 30 year-old in San Jose, California, and it was $247 a month.  That is with a REALLY low deductible and also with 15% coinsurance for covered services after your $1500 deductible.

The third thing you need for a PCIP in San Jose, California would be that you have NOT had coverage for the past 6 months.  If you are on COBRA, a group plan, an individual plan or some sort of high-risk pool, you are not eligible for a PCIP.  Even if you are on insurance currently but they do not cover your pre-existing condition, you are still not eligible for a PCIP.

If you have any questions about a pre-existing conditions insurance plan and you live in San Jose, California, please give us a call!  We’d love to walk you through step by step on how to apply for one of these plans or another type of plan.

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