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If anyone understands needing medical insurance while you’re in college, it’s me!  Before the healthcare reform law that allowed students to be dependents until age 26, I was in college and was kicked off of my parents’ medical plan.  I needed some health insurance and luckily Steve Brauer from Brauer Insurance Services could help me out.  Oh yeah, he’s also my dad.

I went to him and told him I wanted a Kaiser plan but he said the best way for me to go (at that point) was to take an Anthem Blue Cross medical insurance plan.  They were very inexpensive and being only 21 at the time, I was able to get a very good deal.  Luckily I got the insurance when I did because I had a sinus infection not even two months after my health insurance had been approved.

I was able to get an inexpensive health plan for less than $100 a month and it was great.  I knew that I wasn’t making enough money to buy some expensive Kaiser plan and so I worked around it.  I signed up online, which anyone can do through the website: and was approved in less than two days.  It was perfect.

Living in San Jose, CA can be very expensive.  We all have bills and rent and yet we choose to put off medical insurance while we’re in college.  We have this idea that “nothing will happen to us,” so much so that the insurance market calls us “The Invincibles.”  I’m almost certain we are far from invincible.

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