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Do employees know the true value of their benefits packages? More than likely they don’t. The benefit consultants and health benefit statements can help employee’s better understand their benefits and get more recognition for one of their biggest investments. Current studies show that health benefits take up about 30 to 40% of an employees total compensation package, yet most employees don’t have any idea how valuable their benefits are as part of their overall compensation.

To help employees and employers better understand their health benefits and the rapidly changing health benefits that is the health care reform , many employers are now strengthening their benefits education efforts. One tool they’re turning to is the knowledge of their brokers. But what if these brokers aren’t well rehearsed in group medical insurance? What if they are doing so many other things like commercial insurance, liability insurance, life insurance how can you be sure that the broker you are working with is completely up to date with all the information out there? We guarantee we are up to date with all the information regarding group health insurance. We are currently in San Jose but are able to give people health insurance quotes all over the world. By listing standard benefits such as health care coverage, life insurance, travelers insurance, wellness programs like employee we can coutinue to get a better education on how health insurance works.


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