Health Insurance Coverage

Do you need help getting health insurance coverage?

Where and when is a good time to get health insurance coverage. Well here and now! We offer tons of different health insurance coverage. Today many employers are faced with today’s higher-deductible health insurance coverage plans. You or your spouses enrollment team, can help understand more about your health insurance coverage benefits. Many carriers have health insurance plans that can fit your needs. For example we have health insurance coverage that covers accidents. Accident Health Insurance. “Accident insurance is an excellent way employees can protect themselves and their families, 24 hours a day, on or off the job,” Kyle Rice (Colonial Life sales Manager in Omaha)

Health Insurance coverage doesn’t just stop with accident insurance. There is also Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance, Travelers Insurance. Tons of different Insurance coverages (and that’s not all!!)

What to look for in health insurance coverage. Health Insurance Coverage comes in as many varieties as accidents themselves. Here are some popular features and benefits to keep in mind as you compare plans:

-Guaranteed issue (no health questions asked)

-Wide range of coverage – emergency treatment in an emergency room, doctor’s office or urgent care facility; hospital admissions; fractures and dislocations; surgery; rehabilitation unit; x-rays; occupational therapy; medical imaging study; and accidental death and dismemberment.

-Additional health insurance coverage benefits (disability riders offering total and partial disability benefits)

Something to note however is that having health insurance coverage doesn’t mean that all expenses are covered that an accident can cause. Health Insurance coverage makes good sense for employees, their employers, and you business.

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