Health Insurance Plan

There are many types of health plans out there. You can have Dental, Life, Medical, Vision, Life, Long Term Care. Just like there are many health insurance plans to offer, there are just as many Carriers. Some carriers you may be familiar with could be Kaiser, Aetna, BlueShield, Anthem, Cigna, Metlife, Caldent, BlueCross, New York Life, and HealthNet.

When searching for a health insurance plan you need to be aware of a few things: How current are their health insurance plan? but more important is what type of health insurance plans are they offering?

Here are just a few health insurance plans (dental only) that we have found that can be found out there in the health insurance plan world. We have

Aetna: The key difference between Aetna small group plans and larger group plans is that small group plans are pre-packaged plan designs.

Aflac: Their rates and health insurance plan benefits do not vary based upon the size of the account. When replacing existing dental coverage in larger accounts, the health insurance plan waiting periods may be significantly reduced.

Anthem Blue Cross: Normally uses the same health insurance plan provider network for individual, small group, and large group. There are different health insurance plan underwriting considerations for each business segment, but it depends on the health insurance plan being offered

Blue Shield: Their ability to customize health insurance plan offerings for groups with more than 300 employees typically results in lower rates and more health insurance plan choices for employer’s.

Cigna: Dental health insurance plan desings and rates for small groups are similar to those or larger groups. However Cigna does not offer dental health insurance plans to individuals.

Delta Dental: Their health insurance plan rates can be slightly higher for smaller clients and individuals, but Delta Dental strives to be competitive while balancing the financial risk.

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