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First off….Health Insurance does NOT have to cost a fortune!  The rates are actually very low for certain plans, if you know what you are looking for.  Individual Health Insurance and Family Health Insurance is set up much like auto insurance.  The higher deductible you’re comfortable with, the lower the monthly price.

At Brauer Insurance, we try and fit families with the kind of Individual and Family Health Insurance that matches what they are looking for.  Basically, they ALL have high deductibles (except the HMOs).  With PPOs, you have pretty much have two choices:

1.  Office visits for a low copay, prescription drugs for a low copay (after a $250 or $500 drug deductible), but EVERYTHING else, you have pay out towards your deductible.


2.  You pay everything out of pocket, including office visits and prescription drugs and THEN you realize a benefit, (these plans are usually much lower in cost and have lower yearly risks (out of pocket maximums), than the plans in scenario 1.

The plans in #1 SEEM better, don’t they……not so fast.  Remember, the insurance companies are NOT our friend, no matter how many flowery ads you see and happy smiling people.  There is a REASON for everything.  Plans in the #1 group usually have much higher yearly risks than the plans in #2.  So what does that mean??  Well, you have a decision to make.  Do you gamble and pay more for some office visit and prescription coverage, hoping that nothing MAJOR happens and your yearly risk amount kicks in, or save some money each month on plans in #2 and adopt an attitude of “pay as you go”.  I usually advise my clients to opt for #2.  It’s your call.

At Brauer Insurance, we are an INDEPENDENT, no fee, family owned agency.  We want to save you money.  Our services are FREE!!  You pay the same as if you went to or went “direct” to the insurance company.  The prices are the same.  When you use us, we fight like hell for you, when and if there is an issue that arises.  We also know the ins and outs of the different plans and what to watch out for.  Being a former Police Sergeant, I don’t trust a lot of people, ESPECIALLY insurance companies.  You have to know what you are dealing with if you want to get into purchasing Health Insurance.

Call us….if I can’t help you, I’ll tell you.

Steve Brauer-President-Brauer Insurance Services LLC……..(877) 421-HEALTH

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