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If you are looking for affordable Individual Health Insurance, Family Health Insurance, or Group Employee Benefits, we are the agency to consult with.  At Brauer Insurance Services, we are a NO FEE, Independent agency helping families and businesses afford quality health insurance in California.  My daughters and I are specialists when it comes to Health Insurance and Employee Benefits, its all we do!

My uncle a few years ago had some heart issues.  He did not go to a General Practitioner, he was referred to a SPECIALIST.  Its basically like that with Health Insurance and Employee Benefits.  If your agent or broker “does it all” or sells many lines of insurance, there is NO WAY they can be current on all the nuances of Health Insurance.  There is just not that many hours in the day to cover it all!  We are specialists!!

Being a former Police Sergeant, I am always skeptical of people, especially sales people.  You’ve seen them, with their white shoes and big stupid smiles.  I don’t like them either…..it reminds me of a car salesman.  I will promise you, if I can’t make a significant difference with your family or company, there is really no reason for us to do business…and I’ll tell you that up front.  Check out my references on Google, YP.com, my website, YELP, etc.

Whatever way you go, whether you’re looking for Family Health Insurance or Employee Benefits for your company….this type of insurance does NOT have to cost a fortune!  It really doesn’t.  We have a proven strategy that mitigates much of the cost of health insurance, especially Health Insurance for Small Businesses.  Without going into it too much, we can basically show you how to “insure your deductible”.  Its a concept that many of my employer groups have been wildly successful implementing.  Call me, I promise I won’t hound you for business, or stalk you!

Steve Brauer-President……Brauer Insurance Services LLC…..(877) 421-HEALTH (4325)  or  (408) 421-5555

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