San Jose Health Insurance, California

Health Insurance brokers… you really need them??  Before I got into this industry I probably would have said, “yeah, get rid of them, we can just buy it online”.  Sure, you can do that, people do it everyday.

But let me ask you… YOU know how much your Out of Pocket max is for your health plan?  Do you even know how much your deductible is, or what the cost for having an MRI is?  No one does, until THEY have it happen to them.  It’s a big eye opener.  What’s even more sad, are the people that call me for help, because they have a “claim” that has gone haywire and the insurance company or hospital is trying to charge them a FORTUNE.  I can give them suggestions…..but I can’t help them or fight for them because they are not my clients.

When someone signs up online…..they are allowing the INSURANCE company to become their “agent of record”.  Kind of a problem when your agent is working for the same company you are fighting!  By STATE LAW, the prices for Health Insurance in San Jose, Campbell, Santa Clara, and everywhere in California is set by the State.  You CANNOT get it cheaper by going online, or “direct” to the insurance company, it’s the same price.

At Brauer Insurance Services, we are an INDEPENDENT, No Fee agency.  We can represent clients anywhere in California.  If you are looking for Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance, we can be your advocate and your advisor….for FREE!  Check all of our testimonials from Yelp, Yellow, etc.

Our tagline is “To Protect and To Serve”….those aren’t just words, its how I run our business.  Being a retired Police Sergeant, I am skeptical too…..especially of sales people.  Let my daughters and I help you pick a plan that won’t cost a fortune, and ruin you if you happen to use medical services.  I think you’ll be surprised at how affordable some of the plans actually are!

Steve Brauer-President…..Brauer Insurance Services LLC—(877) 421-Health (4325)

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