Cigna Health Insurance, San Jose, California

If you are looking for Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance, you may want to take a look at Cigna Health Insurance.  They have many new plans out that appeal to almost everyone and their budget.  Some of the plans have coverage where, if you meet the deductible, everything else is covered for free.  Most of those plans have gone away in the last few years.

Cigna pricing is very competitive as well.  If you are under 30, we can help you buy a plan for about $120 a month.  Anthem Blue Cross has plans under $60, but they really don’t cover much.  People are lured to inexpensive plans, but they dont really read the fine print about what it does NOT cover.  There ARE some plans with Anthem and Blue Shield that are really priced well and actually have some good coverage.  At Brauer Insurance, for Cigna, we recommend the Open Access 5000-100%.  This is one of the plans that are covered completely after the deductible.  Standard office visits are $40 but you will have to pay out most everything up to the deductible…but remember, its only $130 a month!!

At Brauer Insurance we are experts at Health Insurance…..its all we do.  Oh yeah….the price is the same whether you go “direct” to the insurance company and buy it, or use a knowledgeable broker like Brauer Insurance.  The broker’s commission is “built” into the premium.  You either go direct, and have to call an 800 number, or have a “specialist” shop the best plans and rates for you.

For Individual Health Insurance, I like to tell this story:  A few years ago my uncle had some heart issues.  He wasn’t sent to a General Practitioner, they sent him to a SPECIALIST.  Unlike the doctors, in the Health Insurance world, using a Specialist is the SAME price as going to a GP.

To conclude, Health Insurance is a specialty.  Think about how complicated Individual Health Insurance and Family Health Insurance is…..most people don’t even know what kind of coverage they have, or what their deductible is!  We can help you.

I’ve been in business for almost 10 years, and I’m a retired Police Sergeant.  You can trust me to make sure you have the best, most affordable coverage in town!


Steve Brauer-President, Brauer Insurance Services LLC.  (877) 421-4325, (408) 421-5555.  3150 Almaden Expwy Suite 203, San Jose, CA 95118

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