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At Brauer Insurance, a good Health Insurance plan does NOT have to cost you a fortune.  You can purchase a good, quality plan for much less than you think.  People in their 20’s can get insured for under $100.  Now, having said that, most of the plans have a higher deductible, and you still have to pay SOME when you have services….it works like this:

The Individual and Family health insurance plans fall into two categories:  the first set of plans have some copay benefit up front, meaning when you go to the doctor, you will pay $30 or $40.  Prescriptions are a low copay AFTER a “brand name” drug deductible.  The second set up plans, you have to pay EVERYTHING up to the medical deductible before you actually see any “benefit”.  Usually after the deductible there are some copays, or with some plans, everything is free after the deductible.

With the first set of plans, it usually costs more.  Basically, the more benefit, the more it costs.  It’s like car insurance, the lower the deductible and the more features you have in the policy, the more it costs you each month.

At Brauer Insurance, ALL we do is Health Insurance.  We have become experts in the area of Individual Health Insurance, Family Health Insurance, Business Health Insurance, Group Health Insurance, and Employee Benefits.  We are on the cutting edge of the Health Reform Act and know how it impacts small and medium sized businesses.

Individual and Family Health Insurance is actually very inexpensive if you choose the right plan.  The plan the I would put my family on, is either the Blue Shield 3500, or the HealthNet 4500 or 5200.  These plans for a 29 year old, are about $60 a month…..that IT!  People always tell me…I hate insurance, its nothing I can see, and I have to pay for it every month whether I use it or not.  Well, they’re right!  It sucks to have to pay for it every month, UNTIL you need it.  Then it doesn’t suck anymore, hopefully, if you have a good agent.

At Brauer Insurance, we truly believe that people can be OVER INSURED too!  Under insured is not good either.  My advice…..find an agent that you trust, that is an EXPERT in Health Insurance, NOT a General Practitioner, and go with them.  We can help you find that perfect plan that will not break the bank!


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