Health Insurance, San Jose, California

Health Insurance does NOT have to cost a fortune… really doesn’t.  If you look at all the plans on the market right now, some of them are ridiculous.  They are either way too expensive or cover things that you will never need.  There are only about 10 plans out there that people end up buying, the rest are pretty much just fluff.  People purchase the best plans when they have an agent….hopefully an INDEPENDENT agent.  Someone that is looking out for them and not for the insurance company that they work for!

At Brauer Insurance, we are an Independent, NO fee agency.  That means that we are free to recommend any plan with any company that makes sense for the client.  Our services are FREE, our commission is built into the premium of every plan you purchase.  So if you go to the insurance company direct, or talk to some slick, salesy insurance guy on the phone, you’re paying the SAME PRICE.  The prices are set by the Dept of Insurance.  Try to find the slick phone guy when you need help, or the doctor’s office isn’t taking your insurance card, or the pharmacy says you don’t have any coverage, or you just got a huge medical bill in the mail that is wrong…..

Hey, I’m the first to admit, this is a very dysfunctional health care system we have… doubt about it.  I came to this industry with almost 30 years of police experience.  A little different perspective than most brokers.  Having said that…..when you need help with your Health Insurance, or Group Health Benefits, I won’t take any SH$#% from anybody, and I’ll work to help you.  Public service is what I have been doing my whole adult life.

Let my daughters and I help you find the right policy for your Health Insurance, Group Health Insurance, Medicare Supp, Dental or Vision needs.

Steve Brauer-President, Brauer Insurance Services LLC…..(877) 421-4325, (408) 421-5555.  3150 Almaden Expwy, suite 203, San Jose, CA 95118

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