Individual Health Insurance, California, Bay Area, San Jose

If you are looking for Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance, Brauer Insurance Services is an INDEPENDENT, NO fee, family owned agency.  The Individual Health Insurance and Family Health Insurance prices are set by the Dept of Insurance.  If you buy from us, another broker, or the insurance company themselves (not recommended), its the SAME price.  With an Independent agency, you get the benefit of someone that works for YOU and is not beholden to whatever insurance company they represent.

I love being an independent broker.  I can shop for the best deals and help my customers if they have “issues” with their premiums, claims, etc……Being a retired police sergeant gives me a bit of a different perspective….I’m NOT a typical sales person, I’m a public servant.  My family and I have built a business on “serving” customers and DOING THE RIGHT THING, even though it means no commission for us.  If you have the right coverage…I’ll tell you NOT to switch, and stay where you are.

Individual Health Insurance is something that is very personal to people.  To some, they want the absolute best coverage, others need good coverage but want to save money each month.  Either way, if you have assets, or savings, you NEED to shelter them by having SOME form of Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance.

People think that going to the “County Hospital” means that you will not pay for your medical care.  It may be free at that moment, but you will most certainly get a bill in the mail from them a few weeks later.  That bill will HAUNT you forever, in fact the law does NOT allow you to dispose of your medical bills even with a bankruptcy.

So…..what makes more sense, spending under $100 a month (if you are in your 20’s), and protecting your credit and assets, or gambling and possibly having something stay with you for 10 years, messing up auto loans, home loans, credit cards, etc.

Folks, this is a very dysfunctional health care system we have.  Let us help you.  If that means helping you enroll in Medi-Cal, or some other program to get you covered, that’s fine….but you really need SOMETHING!!  Call us, we’ll help you.

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