Obama Health Reform, problems

Whether you agree or disagree with Obama and his Health Reform Act of 2010, there is one thing that you cannot dispute….there is NOTHING in the Reform Act that addresses any part of the COST of medical care.  They talk a lot about getting people covered, but nothing is being done to stop the out of control costs of the medical care itself.

I am an INDEPENDENT broker.  I have a family owned Employee Benefits agency, and I am well connected and current on the Health Reform issues.  I don’t know any brokers that disagree with getting everyone covered….not one.  But doing it off the “backs” of small to medium sized employers is very wrong.  What was pushed through last year was a “framework” of what Obama wanted to see done.  Not much thought was put into WHO IS GOING TO PAY FOR THIS!

What many people don’t realize is that Medicare reimbursements to doctors and hospitals took a huge hit.  The “reimbursement” amounts from the government to them for their medicare patients went down……now instead of getting 75 cents on the dollar, they get about 60 cents.  What does that mean??  Less doctors are now accepting Medicare patients.  Hospitals HAVE to accept Medicare patients.  So what are they doing??  When they negotiate their fees with Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield, HealthNet, etc, for Health Insurance for families and businesses, they have to figure in the loss cost and WE end up paying more.  So much for the “reform”!

It’s called COST SHIFTING!!

No one stopped to think about how we would be able to pay for all these components in the Reform Act.  I love the fact that kids can get Health Insurance and cannot be denied, I seriously do.  ALL people should be able to get it…period.  But no one has come up with a practical way to make that happen.

In the end…..you and I pay for all the “reform”, plain and simple.  Many of the changes are good, many are not.  But either way, it certainly does not help our economy, especially now.

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