San Jose, California, Family Health Insurance

If you are looking for affordable Family Health Insurance and you live anywhere in California, it does NOT have to cost you a fortune.  There are many reasonable plans out there, but you have to know what to look for.  That’s what having an Agent does for you.  Having an INDEPENDENT Agent is even better.  At Brauer Insurance, we are a NO FEE INDEPEDENT agency helping with Family Health Insurance and Individual Insurance for many years.

We believe in being a “specialist”.  If you are a General Practitioner, there is no way you can keep up with the Health Insurance market, the newly passed Health Reform and provide a viable strategy to your clients.  I like to explain it like this:  if you had heart issues, would they send you to a General Practitioner…, they would refer you to a “specialist” that ONLY handles heart problems.  Now….what if that specialist was the SAME price as the General Practitioner…..who would you NOW go to.

Well, its like that in the insurance industry.  Our commissions are built into the premium, so if you have a General Practitioner help you or a Specialist, its the same price to you.  Or even better, if you go “direct” to the insurance company online, the price is still the same.

I founded our company on the premise that we ONLY do Health Insurance.  I don’t do Auto and Home, etc.  I wanted to get really good at one thing.  Being a police officer for so many years in the Bay Area, I am used to helping people.  Let my family help you navigate the crazy dysfunctional Health Insurance waters.  If you go to my website, you can get an Instant Quote without any hassles.  Even better, if you’re comfortable with it, I can personalize your quote and give you about 10 plans that are the most popular and most cost effective.  I would ONLY need your email address, zip code and age.

“To Protect and To Serve” is not only our motto, its how we run out business!!  Thanks!

Steve Brauer-President….Brauer Insurance Services LLC…(877) 421-4325…..(408) 421-5555.

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