Affordable Health Insurance, San Jose, Campbell, CA

Affordable Health Insurance is out there……you just have to know where to look for it.  At Brauer Insurance, we can find you a very inexpensive plan that in most cases is under $100 a month.  The plans are all age rated, so the older you are, the more you pay, its one of the prizes for getting older.  With Individual Health Insurance, there are so many choices, people get dizzy trying to figure out which plan to pick.  There are literally over 100 plans to choose from.  But realistically, there are only about 15 plans that everyone signs up for.  The most Affordable Health Insurance is sometimes in the least likely places.

Blue Cross Health Insurance for example, can be very economical, especially if you don’t mind a higher deductible.  Blue Shield Individual Health Insurance has a plan that has really good coverage, and for a person under 40 is a little over $100 a month.

Call us at (877) 421-4325 or go to  I have a quoting engine set up where you can put in your age and zip code and get a quote in about 15 seconds.  Again, the quoting engine will spit out 45 plans, so trying to make heads or tails may be a bit difficult.  When you get a quote, it will give you an idea of what is out there and what it costs.  It will also send me an email that you have received a quote.  I will send you an email asking if I can send you a few of the most comprehensive and Affordable Health Insurance plans out there.  If you’re OK with it, I will send them to you… hounding you on the phone, etc.  Frankly I don’t need the business that bad….seriously.

Affordable Health Insurance plans are out there.  We are a family owned INDEPENDENT, no fee agency that can help you figure out what works for you.  Brauer Insurance was founded by me, Steve Brauer, a retired Police Sergeant from Santa Clara, and my daughters, both agents.  We’ll give you the straight scoop on Affordable Health Insurance.  We’re located in San Jose, but we have clients from San Diego to the Oregon border.

Steve Brauer-President………Brauer Insurance Services LLC,…..(877) 421-4325    or   (408) 421-5555.

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