Individual Medical Insurance

Choosing the right health insurance coverage is hard enough with employer plans, but at least questions can be addressed to somebody on staff who knows more than you do and won’t steer you to the most expensive plan. When you shop for coverage on your own, the choices are far more complicated. Most group covered health insurance employers only offer one or two health plans as options. On the individual insurance market, you’re likely to face dozens. And you’re usually on your own.

Trying to deal with the details of so many different individual medical insurance plans can lead to a strong urge to pick the one that sounds halfway reasonable. But halfway isn’t good enough and could cause major problems if you happen to go into the doctors. Hang in there, keeping the basics in mind should help to cut through the unfamiliar terms:

– If you have a primary care physician and favorite specialists you like, be sure they participate in the plan’s network. Policies generally cover a lower share of the cost of out-of-network careā€”or not at all.

– With some plans, there is no limit on the amount you have to pay out of pocket over the year, no matter how high. Steer clear of plans without an annual cap. Even with such a ceiling, expenses will be covered only if the insurer considers them medically necessary. And with many plans, you may have to continue to make copayments.

– If you have children under age 26 who don’t have health insurance from an employer, the law permits them to be on your insurance. Policies also can no longer exclude kids under age 19 from coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

– If you need help with your basic health insurance coverage information you can contact us via phone, email, or through our website. If you need a live person to walk you though the messier details, you can call either Bonnie or Steve at 408-421-5555. We can help you with any questions you may have with your health insurance needs!!


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