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Health Insurance in CA does NOT have to cost a fortune.  It really doesn’t.  We have many affordable plans that are available to anyone in CA.  The plans start at about $60 a month for someone in their 20’s.  California Health Insurance is something that is more affordable than most people think…..with the Health Reform, there are many laws in place now for people to obtain coverage all over CA.  If you go to we can assist you in getting the best, most affordable coverage for you and your family…..AND your children can get coverage no matter what their medical condition is!

Health Quotes in CA can be done in about 20 seconds.  If you go to our website, you can do your own Health Insurance quote.  This will give you an idea of the cost and how the plans are set up.  When I do Health Quotes CA for people, I usually only show them the most popular and comprehensive plans.  You would get lost looking at all of them online, there are about 200 of them total.  Typically people will find one of about 20 of them to sign up for.

At Brauer Insurance Services, we are TOP producers for most companies, because we are the “experts” in Health Insurance in California.  You will NOT find a lower price than ours…guaranteed.  The prices are fixed by California law.  It’s all about who you want to help you when things go sideways or there is an issue….sure you can get your policy from E-Health Insurance, but just wait until you have a problem, or issue you need resolved.  Good luck with their 800 number staff!!  Our clients get helped by either myself or my daughters, who are also brokers.  We are an INDEPENDENT, family owned agency located in the Bay Area, with clients all over the state of CA.

Health Quotes CA or Health Insurance in California does NOT have to cost a fortune!  Call us and we can help you.  Our logo is my former badge, “To Protect and To Serve” is how we do business!!

Steve Brauer…….President-Founder…..Brauer Insurance Services LLC….(877) 421-4325

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