Individual Health Insurance, San Jose, Bay Area, CA

To find the most affordable Individual Health Insurance plans, people need to understand one thing…..Health Insurance does NOT have to cost you a fortune!  There are many plan out there that will cover you if bad things happen.  What you WONT find, is a plan that is affordable AND will cover you for everything at little or no cost.  The plans just aren’t out there.  If you happen to see a plan from MEGA or one of the other TV commercials, run for the hills!

At Brauer Insurance if you are looking for Individual Health Insurance or Family Health Insurance, there is coverage out there that is very good, and will not break the bank.  The two cost drivers of a health plan are maternity and prescription drugs.  Most Individual Health Insurance does NOT have maternity coverage, unless you’re talking about Kaiser.  Most Individual Health Insurance plans have a BRAND name drug deductible before you have a small copay of $30 or $40…..Generic drugs are cheap, you can go to WalMart and get them for $5.

Blue Shield and Blue Cross have deductible plans out right now that will cover you for about $100 a month, depending on your age.  Obviously the younger you are, the less you have to pay.  They figure that the youngsters will not cost them as much as older people.

Individual Health Insurance prices are set by law…..if you go to Brauer Insurance or direct to Blue Cross or wherever, the prices are the same.  But remember… may want an INDEPENDENT broker as your insurance person when you have a claim that the insurance company won’t pay, or some coverage that they are refusing to give you….OR they just plain screwed up on something.  At Brauer Insurance, we are a NO FEE, Independent, Family Owned agency.  We only sell the insurance policies, we don’t WORK for them!

Our services are free.  Let us help you find the best plan.  Honestly, there are over 100 Individual Health Insurance plans out there, but only about 15 that really make sense to purchase for most people, when they understand how they work.  ALL we do is Health Insurance and Employee Benefits.

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