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Health Insurance for Individuals and Families can be tricky, and very expensive.  We can help you navigate the waters of this dysfunctional Health Insurance industry.  Brauer Insurance is an Independent, NO FEE, family owned agency helping Individuals, Families and Businesses find affordable, comprehensive Health Insurance.  I’m a former Police Sergeant that started in the insurance business about 10 years ago.  I wanted to be an expert at only ONE type of insurance, I picked Health Insurance.  Sometimes I’m embarrassed to be associated with such a crazy and sometimes sleazy business.  I can only say that my daughters and I take care of our customers and work hard to save them money.

At Brauer Insurance Services, we have a proprietary “strategy” to help people save money on their Business Health Insurance.  For Individuals and Families, we will find you the best coverage for the money.  Not all plan are alike, not by any stretch.  Unfortunately, all of them have higher deductibles, except for the VERY expensive plans, but some plans are definitely better than others.  For the non-Kaiser plans, I would probably choose one of the Smart Sense plans by Anthem Blue Cross or one of the Vital Shield plans or HSA saver plans from Blue Shield.

The two most popular plans right now are the Anthem Blue Cross Clear Protection 5000 and the Blue Shield 3500 HSA.  I like the 3500 HSA the best.  The yearly risk is MUCH lower than most plans, AND if you meet the deductible of $3500, almost everything is free after that for the rest of the year.

Individual Health Insurance or Personal Health Insurance can be not only affordable, but comprehensive as well.  You will NOT find a plan that covers everything…..they’re just not out there, but you can mitigate most of the risk and cover you and your family.

Even if you don’t let US help you, do yourself a favor and find an INDEPENDENT agent that “specializes” in Individual Health Insurance.  They will, or should, know the market WAY better than just any ‘ol insurance agent.  Individual Health Insurance and Family Health Insurance should be viewed as “investments” NOT an expense.  It’s a matter of how you look at it.

We believe in the “financing” of your healthcare…..we look at it as an investment and should be strategized just the same!

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